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Beginners tips for managing hectic on location work as a makeup and body paint artist - @grmdaily

Updated: Feb 28, 2020


One of my jobs last year was as makeup and body paint artist for Rainymilli's video release, featured here on GRM Daily - time is always limited, there are many people to makeup and paint in a very fast moving environment. The key to success is have a really clear idea in mind about what you want to create (in relation to the brief and what you have agreed to do with the client) and stick to it. Stay focussed although be prepared for any changes in the schedule with ideas about how to edit your looks to fit the timescale. Confidence in yourself and how you communicate with others is really key here, there's nothing worse than feeling out of the loop or in need of some information about what you need to do. A good director will make sure there's a schedule and that everyone is informed but that's not always possible so try to keep on top of what's happening around you. One of the most important things is to be nice and supportive to everyone - making the models and artists feel comfortable is so crucial as they are about to be on public display, which can be stressful for them. You are there to not only create looks and make people feel more beautiful but to provide support and help throughout the day. One thing I've learned is that people may not book you again if you can't think independently, fulfil the brief or get on with people. It only takes one mistake to make a bad impression.

For tips on products and techniques please get in touch.

Good luck out there!


Dancers from @lvdltalent above. Images by @antaxten

Below, me BTS eating a chocolate and painting at the same time.... Multi-tasking helps 🍫🎨😁😉

Full credits:

@ItsRainyMilli music video ‘EKO 2 LONDON’ is OUT on @grmdaily

. // 🎬 An @exkluse_media production // 📽 Directed by @etimexkluse // AD @adeog // Camera Operator @matthew_hoosh (RED CAM) // 1st AC/Focus Puller @sargz05 // Drone @ryanadagio // Art Directors @byphoebeanne & Rodi // Studio Lighting @miserotti // Studio @blundellstudios // MUA @clarejanegarrett // Stylist @ana.sta.sia // Models @official_yaf_media & @lvdltalent // Choreography @pawefronczysty // Dancers @nazpourzal @annalundsrsen & @lvdltalent // Location Scout @plugged_inn_ldn // BTS @daniel_dre @mansoor.iessa & @antaxten // Runner @daniel_eisho

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